Certificate of Conformity and Authenticity

A certificate of authenticity of a work is the main document, without which no serious purchase of a work of art is made, especially in Western European countries and the USA. Fortunately, in Russia they also began to pay attention to the copyrights of artists, compared with what happened 10 - 15 years ago. Firstly, a certificate of authenticity of the work confirms that the purchased painting is indeed the original work of the artist, created by his imagination, talent and skill. And it fully complies with all the stated characteristics. Secondly, the Certificate of Authenticity records the artist’s copyright, which is important when the artist sells reproductions of his paintings. A certificate of authenticity is required not only for original works but also for prints. World gallery practice shows that the price of a print with a certificate of authenticity under certain conditions can increase tens or even hundreds of times. Typically, a certificate of authenticity of a work is issued by the author of the painting or the gallery with which the artist collaborates. In both cases, a mandatory condition is the presence on the certificate of the signature of the artist, the author of the work.

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